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Our Social Hub posts cover way more than just Scooter Repair, Moped Repair, Scooter Meetups and Events, as well as, Moped Club Rallies, events and rides.

We post photos and videos of custom bike builds including dirt bikes and custom scooters and mopeds. Our team attends several moped club rallies and motorcycle events and benefits throughout the year so we’ll post events to our calendar as well. Connect with us and subscribe to our website for updates from us on these fun events! You may contact us for more information about upcoming events or check our calendar of events.

Thanks for keeping up with us on our Social Hub. We strive to keep it up to date and post interesting and fun content. We are always welcome to ideas and suggestions. Have a cool build you’d like us to feature, contact us and we’ll gladly share your build on our Social Hub and give you credit!