Chicago Scooter Company

Chicago Scooter Company

Sarasota Mopeds & Scooters is the only Chicago Scooter Company authorized dealer in South Sarasota, Florida. We are near Siesta Key and Gulf Gate Village between Stickney Point Road and Swift Road.

Chicago Scooter Company

Chicago Scooter Company Sarasota, Florida

As a Chicago Scooter Company (CSC) Authorized Dealer, we have a full line up of high quality yet affordable scooters for any rider. Simply named but meticulously appointed, their 49cc offerings have standard features that far out weigh more economical scooters. CSC understands the importance of supporting both dealers and consumers with parts and accessories for each scooter it distributes. CSC began importing scooters in 2014 with the goal to provide reliable, affordable, high-quality scooters to scooter riders across the country. Now available at Sarasota Mopeds & Scooters… are you ready to go? Maxamize your ride today, contact us for current inventory and pricing.



How does the warranty work?
-Your scooter contains a 1 year/6000 mile limited parts warranty. All warranty work must be performed by an Authorized Dealer.

Can I maintain the scooter myself?
-It is strongly advise that you have the scooter maintained by your Authorized Dealer. Proof of maintenance and factory recommended service at the suggested intervals are necessary in keep your warranty in good standing.

If I install performance parts on my scooter, does that void the warranty?
-Yes, installation of performance parts voids the warranty.

Is the warranty transferable?

Current Chicago Scooter Company Inventory

*MSRP pricing does not include dealer destination or preparation charges  unless specifically stated on each product.


Chicago Scooter Company