DUI Electric Vehicle

Looking for a legal DUI Electric Vehicle or something you may drive if you’ve had your driver’s license revoked, suspended or cancelled for any reason?

Electric bicycles are a great option and currently considered legal to drive without a driver’s license. However, please be sure to check Florida state law for up to date laws and information regarding the use of an electric vehicle or electric bicycle. The information below is NOT legal advice nor is it intended to advise you on the laws of the state of Florida. Sarasota Mopeds & Scooters are not responsible for any changes within the law codes. It is up to you, the consumer to check the local and state laws to be sure these vehicles are acceptable to drive with or without a driver’s license. If you’ve had your driver’s license revoked, suspended or cancelled for any reason, we suggest speaking to your attorney prior to purchasing an electric bicycle or electric scooter. 


No driver’s license? No problem! Need a DUI electric vehicle or had your driver’s license revoked, suspended or cancelled recently?

Bicycles equipped with a small electric helper motor may be defined as a bicycle and not require registration or a driver’s licenseBicycles equipped with gas helper motors are not legal vehicles and cannot be registered or driven on highways in Florida.


Chapter 322, Florida Statutes requires the operator of a “motor vehicle” on a highway of the state to have a valid license. As defined in Chapter 322, “Motor vehicle” is anything that is self-propelled, but does not include bicycles and qualifying “motorized bicycles.” As defined in Section 316.003, “Motorized bicycle” means that the bicycle is not capable of self-propulsion, but is propelled instead by a combination of human power and an electric helper motor at a speed of not more than 20 miles per hour on level ground.

In interpreting this provision, Florida appellate courts have taken the view that the law means exactly what it says. If it is a vehicle powered by gasoline, it requires a license. If the vehicle is powered exclusively by battery, it requires a license. If the propulsion for the vehicle does not derive from a simultaneous combination human and electric power, then it requires a license. Only those vehicles falling within the narrow exception provided in 316.003 are exempt from the requirement of a driver’s license.

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