Genuine Buddy Scooter

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Genuine Buddy Scooter

When it comes to designing a classy-looking scooter, it’s hard to go wrong with old-school European. The Buddy family at Genuine Scooters has the Euro style you’re looking for. The Genuine Buddy Scooter family range is available in a 50 cc, 125 cc and a 170 cc size to accommodate several riding needs. Inexpensive to buy and affordable to ride daily, the Buddy scooter family is meant to serve the demand for efficient, basic transportation.  The Genuine Buddy scooter offers a timeless style that you typically only see in very expensive Italian built scooter models. We’re sure you will be impressed with Genuine’s Buddy line even if the Euro style looks aren’t quite your cup of tea.


Genuine Buddy 50 International Scooter

Genuine Scooters balances a modern scooter design built with classic style elements to give the Buddy its looks. Built with classic, old-school touches adds so much to the looks & feel. The enclosed handlebar fairing houses the headlight as well as the instrument cluster for a clean, classy look which adds to the overall classy design. The chrome mirrors extend up and out where they are actually useful for something other than gazing at yourself.

A couple of storage pockets with a USB port lets you plug in and charge a mobile device or speaker. A sturdy hook extends your storage space for groceries, a purse or backpack. Underneath the seat, there is dry storage large enough for a full-face helmet as well as the fuel filler cap.

The seat is a little tapered & well cushioned, but Genuine also offers a low profile seat as an add on for shorter riders which is a huge bonus. Taller riders over about 5-feet-8 would probably be more comfortable on one of the larger models such as the Genuine Roughhouse.

The rear of the scooter itself is very reminiscent of some of Vespa’s products and it makes for a nice clean finish. With so many Genuine Buddy accessories available, you are able to customize your Buddy Scooter however you like with matching luggage boxes, chrome upgrades from front and rear racks to roll cages and saddlebags.

Design-wise, the Genuine Buddy family is one of the top selling scooters in the United states with 5 star ratings overall in performance, quality & reliability, ride & comfort and finally value! You will not go wrong with a Genuine buddy scooter. Click here to view the entire line of Genuine scooters available at our store, Sarasota Mopeds & Scooters in Sarasota, Florida near Siesta Key Beach.


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